Review Policy!

Heya Folks!

Sooo, you want us to check out your cool new duds?  You are more then welcome to send us any items of clothing, accessories, or anything else you might think we'd like!  However..  we can't guarantee we will do a post on it if it just does not look right on us as furries!  Some designer clothes are built just for humans and there is no way around getting them to fit us, no matter how hard I try!  LOL  Believe me, I have spent wayyy too much on clothing I thought would fit, but in the end I saved for when I was going to be human.

So please don't be afraid to send us along anything you might want us to try out!

Mens clothing please send to Viticus Goff
Womens clothing send to Alurya Goff

Thanks everyone!
The Goffs!