Back on the Attack!

Phew! It's been a while, but here we are!

Hoodie : Vicarious Youth - Monster Doodles  100L
This is a PG kids shop, please be sure to dress
accordingly! One size fits all, just comes with one
hoodie and the alpha.
Pants : LRD - Men's Jeans with Suspenders w/HUD  375L
These jeans are great! They have 8 different fabrics, 18
different suspender fabrics, and 10 belt colors.
The sizes run from XS-XL so everyone should
find a size that fits!
Hat : Rerty - Foolek Snapback Design 3  270L
Hat comes with a HUD to change the colors
of the different parts and change the size.
Sneakers : Flite - Adidas Hardcourt
I got these at an event awhile ago and it seems
as though the shop no longer has a mainstore.
They are involved in monthly events though!
Right now they are in Project Limited.
Backpack : Aitui - YoYo Bag Darks  225L
This bag comes with a HUD to change an assortment
of items on the bag, and the bag itself. There are
only 3 color options though, you have to buy the
other version to get the 3 colors offered.
Collar : Apricot Paws - Dog Collar Donuts!  FREE!
This item, along with 2 other versions, can be
found along the Furry Fashion hunt Quest Fur Cover!
They are cute and simple and one of the others has ham
on it so why not love them?!
Watch : Bad Unicorn - One Up Cubik Watch 
I got this item in a gacha event. They do sell other watches
and other neat things at their shop, but not this one, sorry!
Glasses : Renari - e:mo Glasses  129L
Simple glasses that I still love.