Green Lantern's Light!

PJs : R3volt @ Mens Only Gacha - Green Lantern PJs  100L
There are a bunch of PJs you can grab,
I got the one I wanted 1st try!  There are
NO DEMOS at this event, so beware!
This outfit is a little big, but still looks nifty!


Anonymous said...


My name is Toni, and I work for a British TV company called Back2back, based in Brighton UK.
We are currently making a documentary for Sky Living about relationships that start in online communities such as Second Life, with a working title of “Happily Ever Avatar”. The programme is a completely positive documentation of these relationships, where we look at relationships that have blossomed through online gaming, with players falling in love through their avatars and going on to have meaningful, committed relationships in the real world. It will look at unconventional relationships in a counter-intuitive way, overturning many of our prejudices and misconceptions with honest storytelling. It will challenge us to realise that committed, successful relationships can embrace the unusual .

It’s set to be a heart-warming series celebrating dating and relationships in the 21st Century. The theme is very much about 'love conquering all', and showing the incredible lengths couples that meet online go to in order to become a real life couple. I am currently couples of all sexualities and background to take part in the programme. The only pre-requisite is that one person in the relationship must be based in the UK.

I wondered if It would be at all possible to post a casting call on your website? It would be very similar to what has been written in this email. Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Thanks in advance,

Toni Tyldesley