Calendar Finds Day 9!

Kinzart Kreetures day 9 present is a
sitting Central Dragon Plush!

Abranimations prize is the
Collegiate Shag Couples Dance!

Coepio prize, Jacket with Tie : Men Only Calendar
Must join group but at least it's free!

If you want a giant list of Advent Calendars that are filled
with Womens as well, go check out


Pierce said...

I really like your costumes and that it doesn't have to match the animal exactly. I have an idea I have been working on. The costume is a horse but instead of fur the body is actually made up of feathers. It is tough to picture but I think it is going to come out alright. Anyway, nice work on the site, I bookmarked you!

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

Thanks very much! =) Are you sure they don't have one of those in game??