We Need a Furry Doctor!

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who so I thought
I'd grab the nifty 11th or 12th Doctor (if you watched
the anniversary special you'll understand the confusion!)
outfit at the Geeks 'n' Nerds fair going on right now
through December 8th!

Outfit : FatePlay - Matt Future  500L
This mesh item comes with the jacket, shirt,
and pants!  Grab the demo to try it on, it comes
with 5 sizes each!  You can also get past and
present Matt at the same price... OR get
David, Karen, and Billie!

Fez : Abracadabra - The Doctor's Fez  50L
Simple hat, easy to resize!  This shop
sells a bunch of funky hats for all occasions!

Sonic Screwdriver : NLS - Sonic 11  200L
So this screwdriver does quite a bit!  If you
have other items from NLS it will interact
with them, like a K-9 unit!  It's click to bring up
a menu of things to do.. like turn the light on and
other fun stuff!  They sell a few other screwdrivers
from other doctors as well.

Hair : Uncleweb Studio - Boz Hair Black  180L
Super easy to resize and to mod!  Grab the demo
1st to make sure it looks right on your head!

Tardis : Vortex Systems - Type 100 Basic Tardis  1L
It's basic because it doesn't do too much except
land right in front of you when you ask for it on the HUD!
You can also send it away the same way.  You can but
extra things to put in the HUD like different controls
and special effects!  It also says Vortex Systems
on the outside instead of Police Box.