Time to Break Out the Hoodies!

Hoodie : Aitui - Slack Hoodie Silver  300L
Mesh hoodie, comes with a HUD to
change the colored stripes... you can make them
black (shown), teal, red, lighter silver, or
have an all silver one with no stripes.
comes in 3 sizes XS, S, M.

Pants : Bop! - Black Skully  175L
Mesh jeans, these only come in one
size so please try the demo first!
You can purchase other styles and
colors.  This is a kids shop, so make sure
you are presentable before going to the store!
Or they have a Market Place shop as well!

Hair : MADesigns - Carter Dark Brown  300L
Each color comes with 8 different shades.
Grab the demo before buying to make sure it fits you!

Braclets Right Hand : Boogers - 25L
These are from a super cute gatcha machine
on the 3rd floor of the shop.  The machines are
those old cluck machines where the chicken spins
and lays an egg!  LOL  Oh, the bracelets are great too!
They are mod and transferable.  They have quite a
few gatcha machines, mostly with items for kids, but
all are cute!

Bracelet Left Hand : Boom - Knit Friendship Bracelet
This item is no longer available, it was part of a
past Arcade event.