The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Here are just a few of the items found along the way in 

Glasses - Etham : 8 Bit Glasses Brown  FREE!
These come with a HUD to change the lens
shading and the size.
Nose Piercing - Aitui : Septum Ring Horseshoe  FREE!
This comes in blue and it is click to resize.
Lip Piercing - A.S.S. DeLuxe : Screwed Kiss  FREE!
Comes with a male and female version and
a HUD to change sizes and the color of the gems.
Center T Shirt and Jacket - UnderDogs
Talk Smack T Shirt, Saso's Aviator Jacket  Free!
T shirt comes in 4 sizes and the jacket comes
in 5 sizes, 5 open and 5 closed.
Right Jacket - Aitui : Frontlines Toy Soldier  FREE!
This jacket comes in 4 sizes, you can buy other
colors at the store.
Poses - Elephante : O' My Darlin' Clementine #2 and #3  FREE!

Pose Prop - Ty'd and True : Leaf Pile  Free!
This pose prop comes with 5 different poses
in it and a pop up so you can easily switch spots!