A Selection from the Furry Fashion Hunt!

Below are just a few items you will find when you
go on the Halloween Hunt at on the Furry Fashion SIM!
Just make your way through the various scary areas, click
the pumpkins that are NOT for sale!  You'll get a prize
for each one clicked and you'll get a pop up letting you
know just how many more prizes you need to find. (There's 30 btw)
Along the way you will also find pumpkins that are set to
buy for 1 Linden with prizes from vendors that set up shop
on the Furry Fashion SIM.  Once you find all 30 pumpkins
you are told to go collect your big prize and it's filled with tons
of fashion from Furry Fashion!  If you love hunts, love ~FF~, or
just want some new nifty things, go try your hand at this hunt!
Both Men's and Women's items are in the hunt.

*Hair and glasses are NOT prizes, there are MANY
other prizes.