It's Digi Time!

Pants/Shorts : KKBB -  Bag Pants  345L
It's been a while since furries had some nice new
baggy digi pants and shorts, and here you get them
all in one!!  With just a click of a button on the HUD
that comes with these pants you can wear them as
either pants or shorts and with or without the straps.
Each section can be recolored via the HUD, the pants/shorts,
the stripe down the sides, and the straps.  You can also
mod them so you can color them anything you want
or retexture them!  The maker has a link to the PSD file
in with the pants so you can make them all your own!  You get
XS - L, and if you have a Viss bunny there is a pair in there
just for you.  Be sure to grab the demo first and lets
hope we see more from this designer!
Hoodie : Summit - Hoodie Blue and White Stipes  135L
This is a kids shop and is G rated, if you go to the inworld
shop please be sure nothing is hanging out and you
are appropriate!  If you'd rather see their items on the
One size to fit all, made for smaller avis and kids.  You get
an alpha and the hoodie and that's it!  Please make sure
you try to demo before you buy to make sure your
furry fits in the hoodie!  They have a few different patterns
and colors.  They have some camo, other stripes, and more
feminine colors as well.  They also sell some nice looking
shorts but I ran out of Linden to buy those!  LOL
Glasses : SugarNova - Mesh Glasses Orange  50L
You get 8 different non rigged pairs of glasses in
this set!  If you visit Sugar Nova you can find TONS
of other glasses, both for regular sale and for sale
in gotchas!  Not to mention all the other funky items and
clothing you can get there and it's all for very little Linden!
You get cool stuff for cheap or free!  Go, go now!
Hair : Shag - Suedehead Truffle  1000L
That 1000L is for the full set, you can get 5 different
shades of colors for only 250L.  Super easy to
mod and resize as you need it. 

It's been a while, but the furry is a Kinzart Kreetures Serval Gold

Also please be sure to VOTE over there on the side so we know
what you'd like to see here!!