The Furs of Summer

We're ready for summer, are you?  Yes some cats do like water tyvm!

On Ria
Swimsuit : Starfashion - Mesh Swimsuit Birdy  249L
Super detailed one piece suit that comes with extra flourishes
like you'd expect from a peacock!  Nicely textured, you
can also purchase this suit in cheetah print!  Try before you buy!
Necklace : Mandala - Polly Elements Black  497L
Bracelet set 387L
The Necklace set also comes with earrings that are not shown here.
Each set comes with 2 different gem color options, golden or
white diamonds and pearls.  You can also purchase rings to
complete your set as well as a Kimono head piece.
This collection is inspired by Polly Reina.
Hair : Black Maria - Free hair  0L
Easy to mod and resize!  As you know, the top section
at Black Maria is free and almost all the hair
easily fits our furry heads!

On Vit
Swimsuit : FATEwear - Trunks Rust Spitz  200L
These swim trunks come in 3 different forms.  In the set
you get 2 versions of them for when you will be able
to use the new material viewer.  When you wear the wet version
while using that viewer, you will actually look wet!  It's
still in beta but I doubt it will be too long before it's out.
You can buy a bunch of other patterns of this suit and
there are quite a few other suit styles!  It is mesh so
try them on before you buy one!
Glasses : Adjunct - Risky  150L
Nicely made simple glasses that make you look
like you should be in an 80's movie, and who doesn't
want that?!  Modable, mesh, and easy to resize!
Visor - Cheerno - Acrylic Visor White  1L
Now the white one I am wearing is from the VIP group,
to buy any of the other colors you pay 175L each
It's click to resize, make sure to try the demo first!
Flip Flops : Puppy - Flip Flops  290L a set or 75L per color
Ok, so the flip flops I am wearing in the pictures are
actually flippy floppys by Mero Collas but I have not been able
to find them again.  I looked on the creators profile,
their Marketplace, Spare Parts where I bought them, but
I can't find them.  So Puppy has a very similar pair where
you can just buy the color you want or get the tintable pair.
so I can credit you fully because I love these things!
Towel : TM Creations - Towel Around Neck  50L
Comes with 2 different textures and is click to resize!
Hair : MADesigns - Leo Silver Tones V  300L
As with all MADesigns hair you get 8 different shades in
each color spectrum you buy, or go all out and but the fat pack
for 2,100L and save 50%!  All of their hair is copy and mod
so you can make it fit even the biggest of furry heads!
If haven't been to MADesigns lately, you should go, there is
a TON of stuff here for both Men and Women!
Necklace and Bracelet : Night Owl Designs - Men's Puka Shell Set  50L
Simple set, easy to resize!  You can also purchase a women's
set which also contains earrings.
* I am also wearing a necklace from Etham, but it is
from an old hunt and no longer available!