Help us here at CMFB! (Non Fashion Post, Stay tuned for one shortly)

Hello Everybody!
    For over four years now Viticus and I have put our heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into this blog and we will continue to do so as it is one of the joys of our life. We cherish every viewer, adore every follower and appreciate every click that leads you here. We love to have fun and share that fun with you. Sometimes, however, real life throws you a curve ball and you have no choice but to catch it.
                                             In our real life we just found out that our own Mr. Viticus's Dad needs a new heart and isn't likely to get one. The doctors found it too late and fear he is already living on borrowed time. We haven't been able to afford to send Viticus home to PA in over 10 years to see his family and now we are racing the clock. We have very limited income and have only come up with half the ticket cost to get him home. So we are asking all of you to dig deep, click the donate button in the upper right corner of the page and give whatever you can. If you cannot give on here, please feel free to donate in Secondlife via the Pay option on Vit's profile, we will be sure to post a picture of the ticket stub once we have it in hand. We've never asked for anything and hate to do so now - but anyone who has ever lost a parent knows just how scary and hard it can be.  Let's send Vit's furry butt home to see his Dad before it's too late!
Thank you all for your time, peace and love.

*We here at CMFB would never reach out to the public or exploit our readers for pure gain. This is a real and dire situation. We only ask for help from the public now that every other avenue has been exhausted. Please do not judge us - or remove us from your blogs or favorites over one post. Please keep in mind that though we play furries in SL - we are in fact humans with hearts, souls- feelings and fears. Thank you.