Fancy Schmancy

We got a little fancy!  We actually went to a wedding as
our human avis, but I liked the clothing so much I wanted
to blog it as our kitties!

On Rya - Poised : You can not get this dress in game at
this time (sorry!), it was made for the wedding.  Poise has tons
of funky clothing that is for sale though, you should go see!

On Vit - Lapointe & Bastchild
Suit : Mesh Tuxedo Modern Black Open Mens
Formal Suit Black/Slate Vest  699L
This suit comes with a HUD so you can change
the tie, the handkerchief, the darkness of
the vest, and lapel and stripe on the jacket and pants.
Make sure you try the demo, I had to wear the XXS
version on my furry and the medium on my human.
You can also buy extra packs for this outfit if you
would rather wear a bow tie or there are other
colors you can add in as well.  There is also a
closed version that you can buy for 100L more
and comes with more options.
Shoes - Couture Shoes Loafers 2 Strap Mens
Formal in Black  399L
These were great because they came with the lower
part of your leg with a sock on it.  They are click to
resize and they come with a version for older viewers.
There are 1 strap versions and a more ornate version.