Wearing My Easter Finest!

Just a warning, Soken is a children's shop, so any
furry that might want to go there, please dress
appropriately!!  Nothing hanging out please, it's G rated!

Shirts - Soken : from left to right
High On Catnip Turtleneck Double Shirt  150L
Dark Blue Polo  150L
Rising Dawn Stripes Half Sleeve T-Shirt  150L
Full mesh item, you can grab a demo on the Marketplace,
as well as pick up some freebies and cheapies that are also
group gifts in game.  Also if you purchase items on the
Marketplace instead of the in game store you will pay
an extra 5L on some items.  These shirts come in only
one size, but they fit most of my furries nicely.  There's
tons of different shirts to pick from with an assortment
of colors, patterns, and images on them.

Shorts - Soken : from left to right
Tangy Plaid Bermuda Shorts  150L
Faded jeans Bermuda Shorts  150L
Shorts are mesh and come in just one size, but they
fit my furries nicely.  You can grab a demo though on
their online Marketplace.  There's just a few different
colors and patterns for these shorts, but they are very
nicely made and nicely textured!

Hat - Entente : Castro Hat  150L
There is no demo for this mesh item, but with hats
you don't always need one.  As with other Entente clothing
you first have to purchase the main item, and then you can
buy pattern and color packs to add to the HUD for
your item.  This hat comes with 2 other sets of colors,
a light and a dark pack, the olive green I am wearing
is the color the hat originally comes in.

Furry - DSD : Rabbit Brown  900L
It's almost Easter so I had to break out the bunny!