Fuzzy New Englander

Coat - Sleepy Eddy : Peacoat Black  150L
This is a full mesh coat, comes in 7 other colors
and each comes with 3 sizes for men and women.
This item is at The Mens Department for a short time!
Turtleneck - Sleepy Eddy : Peacoat Optional Part Red  50L
Like the coat, this item is mesh and comes in 7 other colors
and 3 sizes each for men and women.  This can
found along side the coat at The Mens Department.
Jeans - Pixlights : Mens Baggy Skate Jeans  110L
Another item found at The Mens Department!  5 sizes
in all... Ladies you must buy yours separately.
Boots - Gos : Aviator Boots Yeager Worn  595L
Mesh boots that come with 2 versions in the boots!
You can wear the whole boot, or if you're like me and
have pants on, you can wear just the bottom
part.  Either way, when you click the boots a menu
 pops up that changes the version and the size you
have on.  There is a womens set on the other
side of the store called the Amelia.  Fat pack is 1695L
Glasses - VT : Furry Glasses  50L
Simple glasses to fit your furry muzzle!
Easy to resize and makes you look spiffy!
Hair - Dura : Boys & Girls 37 Dark Grey  120L
The hair comes with one set that is resizable and
one with a resize script!