Hoody - Loki : V2 Hoody Red Paw  250L
Mesh item comes in male and female, but only 1 size.
Shorts - Entente : Vacances Shorts  400L
These shorts are pretty funky, the whole shop
is really.  You buy the main item, this one being shorts,
then for 150L each you buy color and pattern packs.
You just drop the box on the ground and it automatically
goes into the HUD for that item!  Each pack comes
with 4-5 colors or patterns.  These are mesh, so
try them on 1st!  Comes with 5 different sizes each
of male and female sizes.
Sneakers - Deco : Mesh Classic Seaks Red  300L
These are a mesh item but there is
no demo for these, you get a few sizes to use and that's it.
You can also get these in white, black, and blue.
Socks - Acid and Mala : Urban Tube Socks Grey  20L
These are from a gatcha machine!  20L per play,
they come in a variety of styles and have prim
parts that are easy to resize.
Hair - Atro Patena : Max Black  No Longer Available
This was a special item made for the no longer
open Narcissus Room.  However they have many
other hair types that are priced at 225L