Deer Me...

Top - Deer : Mesh Zip Up Sweater  300L
This sweater comes with 5 different versions, all
of which can be changed with a simple HUD.  One odd thing is
the Deer tag, it's on the bottom left of the sweater.  It comes
with it's own HUD to teach you how to move it if you have to.
There are a few other 5 packs you can pick up, as well as
hoodies that come the same way.  5 sizes are included.
Shorts - Poised : Beep  (not yet for sale)
These are not available yet, when they are I will post the info!
Hat d o l l l e @ Frost : Cat Ears Knitted Cap Black  0L
You get 5 colors, easy to resize!  You only have until
January 2nd to grab this gift and all the others under the tree!
Necklace - Kosh : Adain Necklace Brass  149L
Each comes with 4 versions, 2 male 2 female.  You can also
buy this in gold, black, silver, and copper... and you can
purchase a matching ring to go along with it.
Bridge and Nose Piercing - Viral Daybreak : Chinchilla  90L
Mesh piercing, easy to just wear it and easy to
move around.  You can use this on any furry if you're
good at modding!
Forehead Piercing - Furry Fashion : Paw Teardrop  75L
Just wear it, or add.. easy to mod to fit all furries!
This is also click to change to a few colors.  They have
a few other symbols to pick from.. like a peace sign,
an ankh, and ying yang.