Rainbowy Goodness

Hoodie - Super Kingdom : Mesh Hoodie  99L
Comes in 5 sizes and has a HUD to tint each part
or has preset color sets.  As always, try the demo 1st!
Check the marketplace shop for other nicely
made mesh items that are not highly priced!
Jeans - Cashmere & Keane : Rainbow Janey Jeans  200L
Yes these are women's, but I liked them!  =P  My
butt looks excellent in them!  These are mesh jeans, they
come with 5 sizes, L to XXS.  In the marketplace
shop you can find the demo version to try on.
These are not digi pants!!!
Boots - Adjunct : Jacob's Ladder Crude Oil Black  300L
I picked these up during the Just for Dudes sale but they
are worth the Linden!  They come with 2 versions.. one with
the whole boot, or one where the top and bottom are
2 parts.  These are mesh items so grab the demo!
Hat - Loud : Winter Hat  0L
No longer available, sorry =(
Glasses - Balaclava! : Kip Glasses  0L
These glasses came from the Men's Department where
all items must be between 75 - 150L.  However
the cream version of these glasses are in the
demo and can be modded.  I even asked the maker
if he meant to do this, and he said yes!