More Loki Fun! It's Rias Turn!

Outfit - Loki : Mesh Bib Shorts Emo Pirate  250L
This set comes with 3 different versions... Male, Female for
younger players, and a Female one with breasts.  There
are 2 different alphas as well.  All of Lokis clothing is
made for smaller avs, so they fit us small furries quite well!
There are many other colors and patterns you can buy
at the shop, or online in the Marketplace.
And you know the deal, try the demo first!!
Facial Piercings - Rabid : Nova Muzzle Piercings  149L
This shop is only available online in the Marketplace.
These cover your muzzle and has a ring for in your
nose with a star on it!  There is another version in
their shop with a butterfly ring.  You get a hud
so you can change the gems to 20 different colors
to match all your different outfits!  This set is made just
for the Curious Chinchilla but it is modable so I don't see
why it couldn't fit other furry heads with a little tweaking!
Necklace - Curious Kitties : Angelic Choker Pink  (Gift)
Easy to resize and fit all sizes!
Hair - Black Maria : Free Hair Black  0L
You all know Black Maria...  The top level is all
free punky hair that fits furry heads very well!
Ears, Mod, Eyes - Puppy
You can grab a pack of eyes or try for free ones
every day!  Ears are 290L and come with all the colors
you need for any of the Puppy Mods.
Mod is the Maine Coon Black for 400L


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