Mods n' Hoodies n' Accessories.. Oh My!

Hoody - Loki : Skeleton  250L
Just in time for Halloween Loki has put out
some new items including this hoody and others that
you can find both in game and on line in the Market
Place... some items can only be found on line so go check
the shop out here!  Hoody comes with alpha and a male
and female version.  The clothing at Lokis shop is perfect
for smaller furries and is made for kids so it's all fun!
Shorts - Cestar : Mesh Grey Burmuda Shorts 139L
Be sure to grab the demo before buying!  These shorts come
with 6 different sizes, I'm wearing the extra small version!
They come in a variety of other patterns and colors, you
can also visit the in game shop here!
Hair - Dura : Boys and Girls 27 Grey  120L
Hair comes with resize script version or just modable.
Rings - Mandala : Sinra Rings and Nails  347L
These rings are no mod, the set comes with
4 different sizes to wear so you have to adjust your
hands to fit the rings.  The set comes with rings
and nails you can wear together or without each.
Collar - Curious Kitties : Angelic Kitty Choker  (Was a Gift!)
Easy to mod to resize to fit your avi!
Tongue - Kilo Lemondrop : Nose Lick Mesh Tongue  50L
Made to fit chinchilla avis but is easy to move to
fit all furries.  Just wear it and away you lick!
Mod, Ears, and Eyes - Puppy
Mod : Maine Coon Gray  400L
There are tons of mods of the maine coon to pick from and
other animals as well!  There are mods for the Curious
Chinchilla and the Blue Galaxy cats.
Ears - Gauged Feline Ears  290L
Ears come blank with textures of all available mods.
Eyes - Reflective Eyes Brights  190L
There are 9 colors in the pack and you can
go everyday to the sim and grab a pair of eyes
for free as a group gift!


Echo Filigree said...

I can already tell that I'm going to be spending waaay too much money at Loki. :P