It's Intriguing! Intrigue is 3 today!

Soooo... if you're like me, and I know many of you are, you LOVE Intrigue!
You know, that crazy colorful shop in that cool castle!
I have been a patron since day one!  Intrigues bright colors and
playful clothes have always lured me in to buy more, luckily the
prices are extremely reasonable and everything is so lovingly made.
It's Intrigues 3rd anniversary today and Katharine needs our help!
She has brought joy and color to a sometimes black Second Life, so
please head over to her shop and purchase her 3 newest items in order
to help her kitty get some medical help.  She has 2 sets of pajamas and
a rideable panda out, all set for only 10 Linden... but you can pay as much
as you want to buy them!  So let's dig deep to help a fellow SLer who
enjoys making us smile and makes your SL fun!!

This is just a quick pic of the Ram pajamas out starting today.
The sale runs from the 4th til the 7th, all Linden will be going
towards helping Katharine get her cat some much needed
medical help.  You can also purchase a kangaroo set and
a rideable panda!  Pay 10L or as much as you want!  Be sure
to head inside to check out all Intrigue has to offer!