Narcissus Room Goodies

Once again the Narcissus Room is filled with lots of
Mens fashion, under 100L, some of which you may enjoy owning!
I haven't posted all the items, not everything works on furries..
There is much more including prim stretched ears, skin, 
a guitar case, an assortment of other clothing... etc!

 Shirt - LV : Comes in 100% and 80% transparency
with a prim bottom that is east to resize.
Hair - Atro Patena : Comes in 8 colors and click to resize.
Spine - Plank Couture : Easy to resize

 Sneakers - Def! : Comes with alpha and versions for
men and women, click to resize.
Glasses - Cheerno : Modable to fit your face, also come in white.

Sweaters - {K}Rea : Each sold separately, this sweater
is mesh so it comes with an alpha and in 4 sizes.