Reblog : It's Only Fashion's Great SL Photo Hunt!

Had to reblog this hunt I came across, I think it's a great idea AND you can win stuff!

It's Only Fashion is having a Great SL Photo Hunt!  How Neat is that!?

Check out the list of pictures to take, there are 100 of them... some are easy, some will be hard, some are solo, some you need friends or strangers!  All will have you running around SL finding new places and meeting new people!  Read the post to see what kind of prizes you can win (including a photo shoot from Strawberry Singh, Lindens, and many more), as well as where to post your pics.  It doesn't list an end date, so if you're like us and love taking silly pics in game, just keep on taking those photos and try winning some cool prizes!!

*None of these photos go with any of the hunt pics, just thought I'd toss them up here for fun =)