Furry Freebie Mania

You can win this Silver Rasha on the Midnight Mania
boards at Hoo~!  Just walk through the front door
and turn to your right!  You'll also find a funky
colorful mod for your chinchilla next to it!  In the
back of the shop they still have their lucky chairs
as well with some very neat prizes!
The prim parts of the furry have a cell shading effect on
them and the eyes, nose, horn (not shown), and hooves all glow.
The parts can be modded if you don't like all that glowing though.
Each prize comes with male and female shapes and skins.
If you want a different color you can purchase them for 250L
except the blue one, which is 400L for some reason.

Undies - Kobalt : Special Speedo White/Orange  FREE!
Grab these and an assortment of other colors and styles
along with some polos and jeans, all for free on the
2nd floor of the Kobalt shop.  The package part of
the speedo is click to resize.