Snowman Shootin' Fun for the Holidays!

Spare Parts is having a fun time shooting game for XMas!
Come on down and grab your weapon, a gun, a bat, or a
candycone...  join the group for Spare Parts, then head
on around the SIM and start shooting at the Snowmen
making their way around the SIM, inside and outside
the shops!  There are all sorts of prizes...  eyes, swords,
mods, and even some Santa hats!  You shoot them and
every couple you kill drop a special prize that only you can
pick up...  from common to epic loot!  The game runs through
December or until they decide to take it down.

Prizes are determined by the creators who donate them on a rarity scale and
percent roll. Example, a common item will drop WAY more often than some
 epic loot.  There is 6 category of prizes in the whole system:
Epic loot (2% chances of drop)
Ultra Rare (10% chances of drop)
Super Rare (25% chances of drop)
Rare (50% chances of drop)
Uncommon (80% chances of drop) & Common.

As you make your way around the SIM to shop, don't
forget to check out the other shops!  You'll find the HQ for
Raawr Avatars here, as well as satellite stores for
such favorites like SmallTime, Spunk, and Nya~Nya, with
MANY shops open for you to rent and fill them up with
your furry friendly items!  The SIM is super clean and well
decorated, clean, and very inviting!

Spare Parts sells all sorts of mods for your furry pleasure.
They make your life easier when it comes to making
your furry NOT look like the next guy!