Hoodie Weather

Hoodie[ JP ]:dsg : Navajo Hoodie Black no print  239L
This hoodie is pretty funky...  it has a menu in the
hood prim for the whole shirt.  One click gives you
the ability to change the color of your undershirt, your
wallet, the strings to the hood, the ability to have normal
or rolled up sleeves.  The menu also lets you resize any
of the prims.  The hoodie only comes in a shirt layer, but
that's really the only one you need.  You can buy the hoodie
in a variety of other colors and with graphics or wording
on them.  Mens and womens are sold separate.
Shorts[ JP ]:dsg : Jabber Pants Black 269L
These shorts have one main menu that is found
in the belt prim.  One click lets you change prim
sizes on all parts of the shorts, lets you change the color
of the glasses and belt, and change color/material
of the lower area of the shorts.  
Hat - Mortality : Visor Beanie  99L
Hat is click to resize and color change to 8 colors.