Freebie Tees

Thought I would show off some nice shirts I have found around
SL while hunting/shopping!

2 Tanks on the Left - Mortality : Mutant and Robot
Grab these and other comic book/super hero related
tanks in the upstairs lucky chairs.  They used to sell
these items but LL made them stop, so now we can have
them for free.  Comes with all layers, highly detailed!
Skull Tee - ShirtShop : Logo Tee
Shirts in this store are only 25L, but they also have a
lucky toilet if you don't have any Lindens!
5 Shirts on Right - Sey : Group Gifts
Just join the Sey group and you can have your
pick from all the past Sey group gifts!  Sey has
excellent clothing items and their free items are just as nice!