Keeping Warm

Just a few of the items in the new Seasons Hunt for Autumn

Left Top - Sleepy Eddy : Crew neck sweater maroon  FREE!
Comes in all layers and all parts are click to resize.

Hat - NSD : Seasons woolly hat  FREE!
Easy to resize, prize also comes with a scarf.

Right Top - Pivaaca : Cable knit sweater  FREE!
Comes with shirt and jacket layer and with
a mens and womens version.

Necklace - Concrete Flowers : Acorn Necklace  FREE!
This prize comes with 4 copies, 2 for the guys
and 2 for the women.  All are click to resize.

The hunt has tons of great outdoor items as well, and tons
for the ladies!  It's not a very long hunt, but has some excellent
designers!  Go check it out!