Hunting 9 Hunt

This is a fun and easy hunt with nine designers with cool prizes and one special end prize from Grasp!  Head to any of the shops involved and grab the HUD.  Be sure to wear it at every store you go to and when you click the hot pink prize star the shop will light up on the HUD.  Once you light up all the shops, the special prize button will light up and send you a landmark to the end prize.

Most items come from the Hunting 9 Hunt

Shirt - Grasp : Graphixx Tank  FREE!
Comes in mens and womens in all layers.
Jacket and Shorts - Grasp : Special Prize  FREE!
Comes with denim sarrouel pants and 
Patch shirts, jacket layer only.
Scarf - Connors : SCARF and Oops BOB is!  FREE!
Prize comes with scarf and your own Bob
guy for your head.  Scarf is click to resize.
HairTukinowaguma : Rage Ebony(men)+Resize  FREE!
Prize comes with 8 different colors and each
one comes in mens and womens, with both
click to resize and manual resize.  

Outfit - LikeA : Denim pants, Zip Parka, and Shirt  FREE!
Jeans come with prim bottoms.
Jacket has female and male prim parts and
all are click to resize.  The shirt comes in all
layers and comes with a pair of glasses that look
like they are hanging from it.

Hair - Drot : Kellin2.0- Smoke  200L
Each pack comes with only one
shade, there are 13 others available
or grab the fat pack for 1500L
This item is NOT in the hunt.