Shiny New Digi Pants!

Shirt - Back and Writer : Cali Hoodie Black and White
Hoodie comes with 2 edging colors, click
to resize all parts.

Pants - Veneficus : Red Cargos  250L
Very nicely made pants, comes with an
alpha if needed for lower legs.  Easy to
resize!  You can grab these in 5 other colors.

Hat - Dirty Cute : Black Noodle Black Band - Feather  250L
Each color comes with 4 versions and you
can change the color of the feathers.
You can get 7 other colors and the
fat pack is only 1000L.

Tattoo - Pekka : Cube  180L
Tat comes in light and dark versions
as well as in undershirt and tattoo layers.


Anonymous said...

What AV/ mod is this?!?

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

I didn't even see this comment! It's a Cabbit from Lost Furest!