New Undies!

Undies - Drop Dead : Kawaii Crotch Boxers  87L
You get all 5 of these boxers in this set!  Go check
out their shop for equally as cool items and low
priced clothing!  The prim crotch is easy to resize.
You can also shop in their store on the
marketplace, and their customer service
is really great!  (I purchased mine off the
marketplace where it decided not to send me
my new undies, and they quickly resent my
purchased once I reported it a non-delivery!)
All I know I needed these because a cat needs
some happy cat face boxers!!!


Alexx said...

Oooh I really like that tattoo or overlay on his collarbone area. Where is that from?

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

It's in the post right under this one, it's from Pekka!