Silent Sparrow

Both outfits are from Silent Sparrow and both
are the azure versions of the corbie suit!

The women's outfit comes with a bunch of different
ways to wear it...  it has different dress styles, tops, and sleeves!
This version is priced at only 300L, other colors are sold
for 600L, not sure why.  They also have a few limited
edition colors that have a few copies still available!

The Men's version in this color is priced at 250L, all
others are 500L.  The jacket can be worn with or
without long tails, or you can go without the jacket
all together.  Jeans have prim legs that are easy to adjust
but they do not come in digi style.

Ryas Hair - Black Maria : 696 Blue 2  FREE!
All styles on the 2nd floor are free, not all
the 696 hairs have 2 rows of spikes!
Vits Hair - Shag : Trophy Hunter Obsidian  250L
New release for The Mens 24
Each pack comes with 5 colors, or grab the
fat pack for 1000K!  Shag has 2 other
hair styles in The Mens 24, one is a hat
and is limited edition!

Glasses - Derp : Slim Specs  150L
Color changeable, comes for furs and human heads

Rya's Furry - AnthroXtacy : Bunny Tan  900L