It's our 2nd B Day!

Sculpted arms and a mens and womens bottom.
They have tons of funky and retro tees, just gotta
talk them into making a furry bottom sculpt to make room
for our tails!  =)
Shorts - Poison : Rage pant black  200L
I bought these in womens size because they are a little smaller,
you do have to buy each sex seperate.  Shorts are click
to resize and come in 3 other colors.  Also come with a belt
and back pockets not shown.
Hair - Shag : Rebel Winter  250L 5 Pack
You can buy 7 different color packs at the above
price, or get them all for just 1000L!  Easy to mod
to fit your furry head!
Necklace - Aidoru : Fortuna Horn necklace  Free!
Grabbed in an old hunt, went to try and find it in store but
only found other Fortuna items, not this one.
Furry - Derp : Serbex White  900L
I have wanted one of these guys for awhile!  =)

Thanks to all who check us out and put up with our RL messes now
and then that keep us away from SL!  We've been hunting the last
few days so watch for some new freebie udates from the
great hunts going on right now in game!  Here's to tons more posts
and great new designs in game!!!