A Little Dark

Shirt - Bleh : I Love k;dfjhsdfkl;jh!  FREE!
Just comes in jacket layer but they have lots
of other free T Shirts too!
Shorts - A & S Visions : Baggy Shorts Chained Jilted  100L
Come only in black, but all parts are modable.
More chains and back pockets are included
but I did not wear in this pic.  If you have a
small frame you may want to add a resize script
of your own, prim parts with chains only size down
to a certain point.  If you need one, IM Me!
Hat - Hermony : Over sized Beanie Black  129L
Hat comes with alpha layers for humans and
tattoo layers for shading with hair.  Easy to resize!
You can get it in 13 other colors!
Glasses - DECO : BCP Glasses (licorice)  250L
Picked up on 50L Friday a few weeks back, they
come in 5 other colors and are easy to resize
plus the lens can be clear or tinted!
Necklace - Trident : Trident Druid Amulet Necklace  FREE!
Grab this in the Supernatural Hunt which ends today!
Arm Bracers - TI : Stitched Gloves Black  180L
I got these a while back and they don't seem to
have the plain ones anymore =P  They do
have very funky striped ones in 6 different
colors, each comes with forearm, upper arm,
and a glove attachment.