49L Sale for Dudes and Newness

49L Sale for Dudes # 6 runs from May 22nd til the 28th

Shirt - Acid and Mala : Sugar Skull Mid Grey 4  49L
Set comes with 3 versions and in all layers.
Shorts - Zoobong : Brady Swimshorts Aqua  49L
New shorts from Zoobong and this color is
special to the 49L sale!  You can grab the other
6 colors for just 175L each.
Necklace - Kosh : Multiplex Necklace  149L
Each set comes with 2 mens and 2 womens versions
for different attach points.  The middle bar is click to
change the lettering.  Only think I didn't like was
that you had to pick 5 letters, no options for spaces,
numbers, or other things!
Flip Flops - Flippy Floppies : Paw Shaped Flip Flops  100L
I had put off buying these for awhile because I am
one of those furries that doesn't like wearing shoes on 
my paws....  but now that I have them..  I love them!
Easy to mod to fit your paws, easy to tint!!

Shirt - A.S.S. : Rubber Jacket Red  49L
You can grab 4 different colors of this jacket
for the 49L sale.  Get it in purple, blue, black, and red!
Comes in all layers and click to resize.

Shirt - Adjunct : Sculpted Tee Olive/Oatmeal  49L
You can buy 5 other color styles for this sale,
each prim is easy to resize.
Shorts - Connors : Half Cargo Camo Light  230L
I am unsure why everyone is making camo shorts
these days, but these are pretty funky.  Only issue I 
had was that I couldn't wear my digi legs with them!
You can get 3 other colors, and each section is click resize.