It's Huntin' Season!

April showers brings out all the hunts!!  I'm trying to find the bees, eggs,
tear drops, and whatever other shapes are out there as fast as I can for ya!

Jacket - Fir and MNA : The McAllister Raincoat Yellow  Free!
This comes with 2 different styles for men and women, the 
female version is more curled at the bottom.  Only issue I had
was that I could not resize the body small enough so I added
a resizer on my own!  Seasons Hunt
Pants - Valiant : 3/4 Chino Style Pants Green 1  Free!
These pants are normally rolled only to your calf, but since
I like my digi legs a little too much, these are easily modded
to become shorts and look just as nice!  Seasons Hunt
Hair - MADesigns : REBEL ~ Black IV  Free!
Funky hair that is pulled to a small pony tail in the back,
easy to resize!  Depraved Spring Hunt
Glasses - sqooq : Nerd Glasses Normal  Free!
Comes with 3 styles, will need to be attached elsewhere or
you'll be missing your head.  Nerd Bomberz Hunt
Potted Plant - Split Pea : Gardening at Night Flower Pot  Free!
Comes with 3 versions, one to hold, one for your head, 
and one for the ground.  Seasons Hunt
Chia Pet - Intrigue : Sprout Pet  Free!
Comes in a cute box and when you place in on the ground
you just click to make it grow!!  Seasons Hunt
Pose - Olive Juice : Spring on a String  Free!
Comes with 2 other Springy poses, all needed some
modding to work with my furry.  Seasons Hunt