Butt News! (Not a Fashion Post)

Thank you Apricot Paws for making my butt look GREAT!

Howdy folks! 

Just wanted to make a post about a few things for here at CMFB!

  • New page listed at the top of the site that lists all the makers of furries in game, or at least all that we know of!  Perhaps you know one that we didn't list?  If you do, please feel free to email us the name and the main shop LM!
  • Been removing some of the clutter on the site, like the long list of furry SLurls and making the furry maker page.  So if you've seen something in the past on the site and now it's gone, now you know why!
  • Did you take our poll awhile back asking what you wanted to see on the site??  Well A LOT of you wanted to see more freebies and hunt items listed, so we are going to try our best to find you all the goodies we think you'll like!
  • We've added a like button over there, you should click it and join the community on Facebook!!
So please keep your eyes out for more butt covering fashion and for more changes!  We are so glad to have you all as readers and followers, thank you all once again!!

Vit n' Rya