MWFW and Moar!

 Shirt - Intrigue : Muddy Tracks  25L
Sadly this shirt is no longer for sale, at least for now!
Shorts - Connors : Half Denim Ivory for Men  270L
Another new item found at the Menswear Fashion Week!
Each style comes with 2 pairs of shorts, a damaged capri
type and a rolled non damaged short.  You can pick up
2 other colors, Hemp and Brownie.
Necklace - Intrigue : Gears of Love Lockets  50L
Set of three in red, pink, and white!  All transferable
so you can give them away.  Click to open to see the gears!
Hat - Aitui : Ease.Unkept /Dark Brown Highlighted  75L
Comes in 7 other hair colors and the hat is click color change.

Hoodie - Red Dog Gear : Patriots Digital Hoodie  249L
Get all the teams here, it makes a mighty fine gift like this
was from Rya =) and hope and pray they play this year and
Mr. Brady cut your hair ffs!
Pants - Apricot Paws : Echo Jeans Black  175L
Comes in 8 different colors or grab them all for 700L.
Each pair comes with 2 different digi legs, one for 2.0 and
one for those that have yet to make the switch, as well as
human straight leg.  You also get an alpha layer, but I couldn't
use it because my furry uses one, but the legs are moddable
so I could make them work!
Hair - Shag : Poor Little Rich Boy Black  250L
This hair is available at the Shag booth at
Menswear Fashion Week!
Each pack comes in 5 colors, or get  the fat pack for 1000L