Moar Derp. Newness!

Shirt - Derp. : Comfy Jumper Charcoal  200L
9 colors are available in both mens and womens, comes in all layers
and lower prim waist comes in either flat or raised for tails.
Pants - Derp. : Sweatpants Stipe Black/White  200L
20 Different colors in either digi or straight leg to pick from.  Each
pair comes with rolled up style and full leg, as well as
back pocket and drawstring.
Headphones - Smalltime : ST Headphones Rainbow  90L
Glasses - Intrigue : Static Shades  Free!
One of a few prizes in the Lucky Chair!
Hair - Mach : Night Rider  150L
This hair comes with a scarf attached, was easily modded
to remove the scarf.
Tail - Chimera : Docked Dog Tail  150L
Tail comes with a wag script and can be modded with any texture/color.