Insanya Style

OMG a human, er elf!  We were walking through
the SL forest today and came across an elf!  We thought she
was so funky we just had to ask her to show off her duds.

Rya's Outfit!

Dress - Insanya : Katyusha Dress Purple
Includes all layers and comes with non shaded version
if you don't want to wear the collar.  Comes with chest prim
and prim skirt attachment!
Hair - Cri-Cri : M Short 02-B 
Each set comes with 4 colors, or you can buy the fat
pack and own them all!

Issy's Outifit!

Jacket - Insanya : Katyusha Jacket Black
Comes in all layers and with a chest prim!
Skirt - Insanya : Micro Skirt Black
Comes with three versions, plain, with a white stripe, and
yellow stripe.  Also comes in all layers with a prim
skirt attachment.
Boots - The Abyss : F Boots Stompers Black
Boots come with alpha layer and top and
bottom prim parts.
Arm Wraps - Dump Factory : Dressed to Die
Skin - Plastik : Ataciara Elven Lavender Cleavage Smudge
This pack includes ears, eyes, 10 different makeups, and 20
different versions of the skin!
Hair - Elikatira : Rush Black
Hair comes in 10 different packs or grab the fat pack!