CMFB! for Project FUR Japan!

I don't think there is a single person out there who hasn't heard of the tragedy that has befallen Japan. We have all seen the devastating images, heard the terrifying testimonials of the survivors and watched the heart break of those same men, women and children as they search for their loved ones. We come together in vast numbers, dedicating our strength, our time, our prayers to finding those who have survived and bringing them home.  For every family that has been lost, for every broken heart there could be an equally devastated pet out there searching for its owner.  Animals love us, they put their complete faith in us and today we have to come together, not only for the people of Japan but for the thousands of pets displaced by this heart wrenching natural disaster.  With the impending threat of a nuclear meltdown these animals are lost, relying on us to find them, feed them and bring them home.  Look into your cat or dogs eyes.  Ferret?  Sure.  Look into those eyes and see what your love means to them.  Now imagine, even just for a minute, how they would feel if suddenly their world was turned upside down, you were gone and they were cold, hungry and homeless.  We need to protect every single one of mother natures gifts and an animals ability to love you, honor you and be loyal to you surely is that, a gift.

We here at CMFB! are reaching out to all you other furry butts.  If you were lost and needed help we would try our best to reach out to you and bring you home.  We offer our prayers, love and well wishes to every single person in Japan.  May you find your pets, your wives and husbands, your children, mothers, fathers and brothers.  We are there with you in spirit.

Anything you can donate can help save the life of one or more of our helpless fuzzy friends.  Please look deep within your heart and pockets and help them out.  They will repay you, infinitely, with their love and loyalty, just as they always have.

Ria n' Vit Goff - CMFB!

The Event - Project FUR Japan

With the gracious donation of a sim by LeLutka, we are ready to get this started but we need YOU to get involved. This is how it will work:

Once we receive your name, you will receive a folder with all the necessary information.  All will be given more information and a script to put inside your creation to contribute 100% of the proceeds you make.  The script is set to send the money to an alternate avatar so all money can be accounted for.  The SIM will be open for 2-3 weeks to collect donations for the cause.  Documents will be sent and blogged with proof of the contributions made and that all monies were sent to the charity. 

The charity that all your Lindens will be going to is called Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).  This group is comprised of three private No-Kill animal welfare organizations in Japan; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network.  No animal rescued by JEARS will be surrendered to Animal Control (where they would be at risk for euthanasia after three days) under any circumstance.  They rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals.

So if you are a designer, of ANY kind, please feel free to sign up to help us collect Lindens for those beloved pets and animals that have been taken from their normal lives and homes.  They need our help, love, and support!

Thank you from everyone involved in Project FUR Japan and all the animals!