Arnadi Niceness

 If you were lucky enough to be a member of the Arnadi group
this week you got a nice gift of a 500L Gift Card!  I waited
a few days to head over to the shop since I knew it would be
filled to the rafters with people needing their new shirts!

Each shirt comes with male and female versions and a
bunch of different bottoms, including a double layered one,
I didn't wear any though. All the short sleeved shirts come with
double layered rolled sleeves as well.

Left : Wars - Only comes in Red  130L
Center : Starfucks - Only comes in Green and
also has a long sleeved undershirt  130L
Right : Wilco - Only comes in Black  130L

Quite a few of the shirts come in other colors for
you to pick from, just check above the shirts.