His Fair Freebies

His Fair is running from Feb 14 - 28 and you can find
a few of your favorite designers here with fair exclusives
and some freebies/1L.  Now this isn't a huge thing, so no
worries on making others laggy with all your attachments!

Shirt - Schwartz : Tattoo Tee 4  1L!
Comes with click to resize rolled arms.

Shorts - Balani : Cargo Shorts Blue  1L!
Comes with pockets and prim cuffs, easy to resize.
These shorts are normally 295L!

These items can only be purchased at His Fair!


Epione Serendipity said...

Love your blog! I should utilize my furry more often ( i have two!). I also put you on my blogroll.

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

Oo tyty! Yes, everyone should be furry once in a while!