Shirt - Gauged : V Neck Bones Brown  95L
Comes in 7 other colors and 5 other graphics, all sold
seperately.  You can also grab a fat pack for 450L.
Shorts - Young Urban : McGill Shorts Brown  150L
Shorts are click to resize and come in 4 other colors
or purchase them all for 400L.
Hair - Mach : Lucas Night Rider  150L
You can purchase 7 different hair colors separately,
buy 6 different 3 packs of similar hair colors for 300L, or one
big fat pack of 18 colors for 1200L.  You must buy either
the 300L or the 1200L packs to get certain colors, like Dusty Gray,
you can not buy that as a single.  The scarf comes attached to
the hair, which is a little odd...  it is click color change in 5
different colors.  You can however easily mod all parts so you
can unlink the scarf and attach it somewhere else, with my AO
at times it just looked really odd while it was still attached and
it would come out through my head or shoulder.
Arm Warmers - Derp. : Slinky Arm Warmer [Wool] Brown  80L
There are 8 different plain styles or 8 striped styles to pick
from. They come in 2 parts, one that attaches to your 
hand and one to your lower arm.
Legs - Tokushi : Digi Leggings 'N Spats Plain White/Grey  180L
Each set comes with 3 styles, mine came with plain black, white, and
white and grey striped.  Other sets come with 2 striped versions and a
plain version.  They come with a top belted part for around your
thigh as well which I did not wear in this picture.