MENstuff Hunt Finds!

All items (except my furry =P) are from the MENstuff Hunt
running from January 29th til February 28th!  Head over to
their website for hints and SLurls!
 Vest - Connors : Denim Vest Red  Free!
This vest is very detailed, comes with a back belt that
I did not show, as well as prim top and bottom buttons.
The only issue I had with the vest, I could not wear the bottom
set of buttons because it attached to the same point as my tail
and I had no other place I could attach it to and make it look normal.
 Jeans - WOE : Gauge Jeans Frost  Free!
Hair - MADesigns : Colt Exclusive Skunk  Free!
This hair is supposed to be black with a white stripe
down the middle, but you can mod it so the white can be
any color you want!
Pipe - Sur+ : Bonaparte Sexy Pipe  Free!
Had to adjust and reattach to my mouth, but was easy to do.
The pipe is always on, you can not turn the smoke off.
*Adjunt has a bubble pipe in the hunt as well that comes with a hud
where you can turn off the bubbles and gives you different
choices of bubbles!
Wrist - Concrete Flowers : Treble Clef Armband  Free!
Easily modded to fit all sized arms or legs!