A Little Crazy

Straight Jacket - Gilded : Straight Jacket Sintoma Edition  Free!
Grabbed in The Serial Killer Hunt!  I was so happy this hunt
started, I love all things creepy and serial killer related.  I am
tols I watch too much ID and Tru TV =)
Comes with 2 alpha layers for different sized avatars
Shorts - Zenith : Cyan Checker Pants  Free!
Group gift, comes with a nice sweater too,
just be sure to wear a group tag when buying.
Eyes - Nemuri Kohime : Machina Eyes Flare  30L
Comes with normal eyes and prim glowy eyes!
Tongue - TA : Sculpt Animated Tongue 3  1L
You get 3 different versions which are click to
resize.  They do continually move though, so
some may not like them.
Hair - Black Maria : Alto  Red (2)  Free!
If you haven't been to Black Maria yet, I don't know
what to tell you..  LOL  The second floor is all free,
first floor is all new!