Happy New Years! (Non Fashion Post)

Hello all you furry butts out there!  Rya and I would like to wish you all a very
prosperous new year, one filled with furry goodness and loads of happiness 
(and cookies)!  We appreciate all of you who visit our site and check out all 
our styles!  We hope this coming year is great for everyone out there in SL and RL, 
and that the World in general is a friendlier place to live in.  We never thought that this
site would get as far as it has, so we are thankful for all of you, our readers, for
giving us a year full of multiple visits and we hope to bring you even more fun stuff
in the coming year!

One of my New Years wishes is to find a nice spot in game to create a CMFB HQ!
We want to fill it with furry freebies, information, and treats for the new and old, 
and have a spot to come in and meet our readers and just hang out!  If anyone 
out there has a spot you think would be perfect, please either comment or IM me 
(Viticus Goff) in game!  We are not loaded with Lindens, so the cheaper the better.. 
free would be best!  LOL  When we have the HQ we are also looking for you furry 
designers, and not so furry designers, to give us some items to hand out to furries!  
Now they don't have to be free, but it would be nice =) 

Cover My Furry Butt! loves you all and wishes you many happy furry filled days ahead!!

Vit n' Rya