Animal Attraction

Jacket - Mr. Poet : Peacoat and Pleated Shirt Vest set Black  200L
Comes in 4 other colors and multiple layers.  There is a pleated
frilly shirt that can also be worn with this, I just didn't wear it =)
Pants - Rotten Defiance : Voodoo Doll Hunt Gift  Free!
This was an old outfit from a hunt that is now in the
Midnight Mania Board!
Hair - U.December : Passion/Dark Brown  Free!
Found this along the Oh Boi! New Year Hunt, I tinted
mine a little to make it black =P  You can buy 2 other
colors for 150L each!
Tattoo - XYR : Stars Tatts  Free!
Found these while I perused the market place, and
you get a free heart for your mouth too!  These only
come in underwear and undershirt layers.
Necklace - Grasp : Skull Necklace  Free!
Well kinda free...  you have to join the group, but it's
only 50L and you get some nice things so far.  Also
comes with a female sized version and skull rings.