Backpack - Action : Unisex Skater Bag - Gray (SPINE) Size 02  50L (Normally 300L!)
Comes with 4 different sets, 2 different sizes with and without
skateboard.  This Friday the Gray is on sale, but if you want more
there are 12 different colors/patterns to pick from.
Action is joining in on another discount Friday sale, Rocking Friday!  
Grab this awesome deal while you can!
Shirt - SOMAPOP : Cool as Fuck  Group Gift
Pants - KS Industries : Digigrade Strappy Baggy pants (grey plaid w/blk straps)  300L
Hat - Eish! : Cap #1 with Hair  Was 30L, you got
with and without hair, 9 stripe colors and resize
Shop not open currently
Furry - Lost Furest : Berries and Cream Bunneh
I did not find a machine with this furry in it