How We Became Poised!

A long time ago I got a notice in the wonderful world of Second Life that a Dj was having a 90's party. I remember this day because it was the 1st time I had ever traveled to Oblivion Club and the first day I met my, now, group of friends.

This Dj's name was Poise and though every other club my spouse, Viticus and I had gone to (that had been non furry) had been somewhat rude, she welcomed us and asked if we had any requests. I am certain I had a witty answer for this as I am quite brilliant with a joke or two, don't ask for them now... I hate being put on the spot.

This DJ -  I would find out - is also a clothing designer. With her own .. amazing... mall. Now at the time it wasn't as big as it is now but I can see why her empire is rapidly growing.

Everyone loves designers with new and innovative ideas. Poise is no exception to this rule. Her way of thinking is very much outside the traditonal box so often times what you get is far better than what you were looking for.

With her restless energy this designer designs clothing whenever she is anxious or upset or just wants to relax. I'd say 90% of her time at her pc is spent at clothes and her regular customers and her new ones, love this about her. Almost every time I stop by Poised there is a new selection of clothing she has just recently put out and today was no exception. As when I logged in got an IM from MS. Poise Collins telling me that (No she wasn't djing. hush) she had made new pants. With:
*cue celestial music now please. Yes, just press the play button! No, I have no idea why the button would be sticky. Fine. Leave it off.*

Digi Legs.
YES! Our once entirely human friend now plays SL some of the time as a cute little Fennec Fox. Adorable. The love for her Fennec has spilled over into the pictures below of her new clothing line - which she added to her store just today. My. Mind. Is. Blown. This woman makes AMAZING pants. I <3 them (M3 Poisie) And my ass looks fabulous in them. Yours could too.
Get yourself Poised, love the clothing, adore the Fennec.

Visit ::Poised:: now for all your fashion needs..  Furry and Human, Men and Women, and check out the Poised shopping mall for friends of Poised! 

 1. White Tape* w/Dark Leather Brown Digi Pants
2. Joker* w/Red Leather Digi Pants
3. Blue Love* w/Eggshell Digi Pants
4. Boo w/Dark Indigo Digi Pants
5. Red Kitty** Shirt w/Black Stripped Digi Pants
6. Blue Paws** w/Black Stripped Digi Pants
7. Sad Smiley^ w/Black Leather Digi Pants

All Pants 100L Each!
* - Womens Tank Pack  75L
** - Womens Tee Pack  75L
^ - Coming Soon!
1. Gray Kitty** w/Gray Cotton Digi Pants
2. Dm 02^ w/Dark Gray Stripes Digi Pants
3. Muse Ocean^ w/Light Cotton Digi Pants
4. Lies* w/Leather Brown Digi Pants
5. Black Kitty* w/Leather Green Digi Pants
6. Danger Kitty** w/Light Gray Stripes Digi Pants

Hat - Argrace :  Military Cap - only cap  250L

All Pants 100L Each!
* - Mens Tank Pack  50L
** - Mens Top Pack  50L
^ - Coming Soon!

::Poised:: also has dresses in the Digi Shop for 150L Each!