Outfit (Shirt and Pants with prim collar and cuffs)
Havana After Hours Outfit 2 - 225L
Hat - Redgrave [*RG*] Cap Riding-Knit -Black- 80L
Havana Bermuda Boxer Briefs - Blue  90L

All of the clothing you can purchase at Havana is made to make you look good and not put a crunch on your wallet full (or not so full) of Lindens.  One of the reasons I loved this outfit so much was the shirt!  Not only are the sleeves and collar scripted for easy resizing, but the shirt itself is semi see through, perfect for showing off my spots!  With the one side untucked, you have a feeling that you are dressy, yet either just got dressed quick or getting undressed quick LOL.  The wide open shirt also lets you show off your buffness and adds to the already cool look to the outfit.  The pants are well shaded and modable for those of us who need them shorter, and they come with a drawn on belt which is seen through the untucked area of the shirt.
Either of the items in this outfit can be used with clothing from other stores, the shirt comes in 2 layers so you can add a jacket on top, or the pants are great with any other dressy shirts you may own.  The boxers are a seperate purchase, but well worth the buy for the detail!  There are many places that don't go into detail on underwear, but Havana took the time and these undies are well shaded and will look great on anyone!
Havana has some great clothes, you need to follow the links below and check them out now!
You can grab the After Hours outfit and the Boxers in an assortment of colors at any of these Havana Stores!
Havana @ Gayborhood Island
Havana @ Gay World
Havana @ Sky Tower
Havana @ Zeus Men Mall

Be sure to look around at Havanas Gayborhood store, they are always in a hunt so you might just grab a freebie or three while shopping!